Album reviews

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

well i went to FYE today and picked up a copy of  Linkin Parks A Thousand Suns and Weezers Hurley, hears what i have to say about the albums.

First off A thousand Suns is nothing short of just Mind Blowing and amazing if theres one album that you get this year make it A thousand suns im not just saying that cause im a die hard linkin park fan, i am saying this because anytime a album has my 60 year old father taping his foot to the music obviously the album must have something special to it, you get some very sick tracks on this and make sure you listen to it as a whole not just song by song (unless you must) so in other words pick it up

A thousand Suns 5/5 stars

on to the next album Weezer Hurley. In my opinion this is weezers redemption (not going to lie that last album sucked) Hurley however was a fucking great  album, if your a fan of “Make believe” then you will defiantly love this album. i liked almost ever song on it except the last track but im really dinging their cover of VIVA LA VIDA. defiantly pick it up

Hurley 4/5


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