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Album Review!

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

this week as a album review i picked serj tankians imperfect harmonies. this album is def a must have one of the best albums you will listen to all year, if your a system of a down fan defiantly  pick this one up. the album is very computerized

imperfect harmonies 5/5


hello everyone first off i want to talk about the LPU. Apparently things in the LPU are going to be changing, i don’t think its for the good either im not 100 % on this topic yet but if you are a Linkin Park Underground user and you don’t want to see things change then get in touch with for more information.

on to the movie review. i went to the movies this weekend and watched “Devil” i have to say the movie didnt have as many twist that i thought it would have, considering that this is a M night film its still not predictable. Its a fun movie for maybe a jump or two so you should give it a chance.

on to my game review. i really want to pick up a copy of Halo Reach, But i have not yet had time so once i pick it up i will review the shit out of it lol

Album reviews

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well i went to FYE today and picked up a copy of  Linkin Parks A Thousand Suns and Weezers Hurley, hears what i have to say about the albums.

First off A thousand Suns is nothing short of just Mind Blowing and amazing if theres one album that you get this year make it A thousand suns im not just saying that cause im a die hard linkin park fan, i am saying this because anytime a album has my 60 year old father taping his foot to the music obviously the album must have something special to it, you get some very sick tracks on this and make sure you listen to it as a whole not just song by song (unless you must) so in other words pick it up

A thousand Suns 5/5 stars

on to the next album Weezer Hurley. In my opinion this is weezers redemption (not going to lie that last album sucked) Hurley however was a fucking great  album, if your a fan of “Make believe” then you will defiantly love this album. i liked almost ever song on it except the last track but im really dinging their cover of VIVA LA VIDA. defiantly pick it up

Hurley 4/5

i have been off line for a while but i have had time to see a film that i had to have as a first movie review,

resident evil afterlife was amazing i didn’t get to see it in 3D but it was still sick i would say in 3d it is without a question in mind,i would say its the beyond amazing in 3D so if you are goin to the movies and have no clue what to see then Resident Evil Afterlife is the way to go.

hears some motivation

On to my next topic the 2010 VMA music awards is tonight, if you dont want to watch for the awards then watch for the performances, the most looked foreword to is Eminem, Linkin Park,Kayne West

Roomers are Linkin Park Are playing in a very special LA landmark tonight, Watch and Find out !

for more information go here

New post comeing today

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i have been away for awhile but ill be posting a new entry today

New Rock 104.1 To Play New ATS Tracks All Next Week

With A Thousand Suns nearing closer, New Rock 104.1 will be playing a brand new Linkin Park track from the album, everyday next week in the lead up to the release. Check out what was posted to their facebook below:

“something to look forward to come Tuesday, Kevin & Bean will have BRAND new music from Kings of Leon, then we unveil a new Linkin Park track everyday next week, leading up to the ‘A Thousand Suns’ album premiere, hosted by Psycho Mike, from Loveline & the Kevin & Bean show.”

Source: New Rock 104.1 via danielpsoad-09

also i plan to do my first movie review on (The Last Exorcism) tomorrow

Linkin Parks (Waiting for the End)

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‘Waiting For The End’ 30. Sekunden by Warner Music Group DE