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Cant wait for this album



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If you like live music and your in Saltville, Va Friday, September 03, 2010, then you need to check these guys out
i have been wanting a chance to see them live as well and now maybe i can
this is their myspace if you have a chance hit them up really cool guys to talk to and while your their be sure to check out a song called (Ecstasy) really bad ass track

for more on event details go here

Hey some really cool news Linkin Park will be preforming at the VMAS their new single The Catalyst Live for the fist time ever! be sure to cheek that out Sunday, September 12. The show airs that day at 9PM

if you haven’t seen the music video for the catalyst then cheek that out here

Review on sony’s 3D TVs

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OK this weekend i had a chance to try out one of Sony’s 3D TVs and i have to admit they are freaking amazing. The only problem i had with this TV was the price tag $2000+. But if this is what your into then hell go for it you wont be disappointed. if you have a best buy near you go and ask for a demonstration!

Linkin Park 2010

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my most looked foreword to albums of the year is Linkin Parks A thousand suns. I cant wait till this album is out,the set date is 9-14-10 so look for it then here is a interview where absolute radio sat down with linkin parks Mike Shinoda for a interview

First Post

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Hello all my name is Chad Dooley! I am here to fill the online community with information and reviews on music,movies,electronics and anything thing i find that others my be interested in so im hoping that everyone will enjoy my blog posts and give me some feed back as well. Thanks !